Women and Peacemaking

At Pax Christi International, women peacemakers lead the way at every level of our network–from the co-presidency to the International Board and as Secretary General, to the women who lead our member organisations in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East and elsewhere. From our very beginning, starting with our co-founder, Marthe Dortel-Claudot, we have known how important the leadership of women is for the promise of peace in our world.

In 2015 at our global gathering in Bethlehem, our network issued a vision document for our organisation which stated clearly our commitment to raising up the experience and expertise of women in peacaemaking. The Bethlehem Commitment reads:

“The global community we seek will fully engage women in resolving violent conflict and making peace. Pax Christi-connected women from diverse cultures and faiths have deep experience making and building peace. In the coming five years we will strengthen our network for connecting women’s peacemaking and peacebuilding experience in our movement; we will listen to and learn from that experience; we will support the full implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security and other efforts to create a gender inclusive route to peace…”

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