Advent, Peace Spirituality

Reflection for Christmas

from Pax Christi France

Pax Christi France has put together a series of prayers and reflections for the weeks of Advent and Christmas. You can download the entire resource at this link in French. 


Finding a place to live in peace…

Readings: Is 9:1-6 | Titus 2:11-14 | Lk 2:1-14

Extract from the letter of Pope Francis

May peace be upon all the people and all the nations of the earth! This peace, which the angels announce to the shepherds on Christmas Eve, is a deep yearning for everyone and for all peoples, especially those who suffer the most from their absence. Among them, which I carry in my thoughts and in my prayer, I want once again to remind the more than 250 million migrants in the world, of whom 22 and a half million are refugees. The latter, as affirmed by my beloved predecessor Benedict XVI, “are men and women, children, young people and old people who are looking for a place to live in peace”.

For reflection

“When Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem, no one opens the door for them; there is no place for them. Yet this indifference does not cool God’s love for humanity. The charity of Christ extends to all men without distinction. No one is excluded from it.”

  • According to Fr. Antoine de Lavaur, will we be those who close their doors in the name of our comfort and tranquility?
  • Or, will we recognise him, more than just a person to help, but above all a brother to welcome with his wealth and his differences?


Lord, you call us
To take the path of the encounter,
Open to the other,
From another country, from another culture.
Help us get started, together.
Imbue us with your word
So that we can
Give body to your Gospel.


For deeper consideration

Many initiatives are taken by our parishes or our communities to host refugee families or to support the integration of migrants. What if I took the time to hear of what exists next to my home and how I can take part in it?

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