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Face of Migration: Nawras from Syria

The following article appears on the website Face of MigrationFace of Migration emerged from Maryknoll Lay Missioner Greg Fischer’s initiative to listen to the stories of the immigrants and refugees he worked with on a daily basis in his ministry. At first publishing on social networks stories and pictures of immigrants, the project grew to require its own website by 2016 and offer a new platform to share their stories. Video documentaries expands the resources of Face of Migration to document immigrants in their daily activities, their search for employment, leisure, contact with family, worries and joys and demonstrate that they have much in common with each of us.

We will occasionally be cross-posting articles from the Face of Migration site as part of our Refugee Stories series.


Below is a link to an interview with Nawras, a Syrian refugee living in São Paulo, Brazil.

Click here to read this interview on the Face of Migration website.

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