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Young Peace Journalists: Volunteering with refugees – Interview with Lisanne Boersma

The following video was done by Tabitha Redepenning, Youth Coordinator of Pax Christi International. It is the latest entry in the Young Peace Journalists project featuring the stories and voices of refugees. 

Lisanne Boersma lives in the Netherlands and started a language café for exchange between Arab and Dutch speakers. She also volunteered for PAX Netherlands, a member organization of Pax Christi International and is now still involved in peacebuilding at The Hague Peace Projects. The interview was recorded at the Global Youth Rising conference in July 2016, which is an international youth summit on peacebuilding, youth participation and empowerment. In the interview she talks about the language café and her experience at visiting a refugee camp in the Netherlands.

Tabitha Redepenning grew up in Germany and studied publishing. Following her studies, she came to Brussels to volunteer for Pax Christi International. As the Youth Coordinator for Pax Christi International, she started the Young Peace Journalists project. Related to her background and love for books, she deeply believes in the power of story sharing.

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