Voice from Latin America and Caribbean

In 1981 she was 16 and lived in a poor village in Ayacucho, the “Sinchis”, a police group for anti-terrorist fight, entered her community and took her under suspect of terrorism. She was raped by seven of them, first in her house, and after in the police station. In her testimony she says that the raping went through the whole night, she fainted and in the morning when she awake, she was covered by blood and with signs of been beaten. She stayed in prison for 5 years and fourth months, and gave birth to a baby girl, Rebeca. She was innocent of the charges of terrorism, but she was very poor, she was a peasant girl, and from Ayacucho, all this was considered synonym of terrorism. Churches and human rights groups tried to help, but laws were very hard on the people, and she has to suffer unjust prison all this time.

Laura Vargas, Pax Christi Peru, former Pax Christi International Executive Committee Member.

(Ayacucho, Peru)

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