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What I have realized in my journey is that it is best that we find our kindred spirits so that our work can be more organized and would have more chances of success. I started with my own school and for two decades now we have an increasing number of Peace Associates who help in promoting peace education in various ways. The year 1997 was a milestone year for me. This was the year that I was able to start a Centre for Peace Education and the year that I became a Pax Christi Pilipinas member.  In 1999, I initiated a Peace Education Network in my country which brought together educators, both working for schools and grassroots communities, and representatives of government agencies such as the Department of Education and the Peace Education unit of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process or OPAPP. Through our Network’s cooperative efforts with OPAPP, there is now an Executive Order that mandates the integration of Peace Education in our basic education and in the education of future teachers. In fact, when I return we shall have a peace education training for about 20 Colleges of Education throughout the country, in cooperation with the Commission on Higher Education. And my main lesson here is perseverance, patiently building relationships with Organisations in both the Civil Society and in government. Some of the issues that we deal with in our peace education training are: Challenging Prejudice and Building Respect and Tolerance, Equitably Sharing the Earth’s Resources, Challenging the War System, Resolving Conflicts Non-violently and Faith Traditions as Resources for Peace.

Loretta Castro, Pax Christi Philippines, former Pax Christi International Executive Committee Member.

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